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Edmundston's Elite Source for Heat Pump, Mini Split, and Comprehensive HVAC Solutions

Welcome to Ace Heat Pumps in Edmundston – your beacon for superior heating and cooling systems. Our portfolio encompasses top-rated Heat Pumps, Mini Splits, Air Conditioners, and a choice between Ducted and Ductless setups, all designed to match the distinctive climate of Edmundston. Whether it's sales, installation, or maintenance, our dedicated team ensures you receive unparalleled service.

A New Era of Comfort with Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

Elevate your living experience in Edmundston with our premium Heat Pumps and Mini Splits. Precision-engineered, these systems guarantee consistent indoor comfort across seasons.

Embrace Cool Serenity with Our Air Conditioners

Stay refreshed during Edmundston's warm spells with our high-performance Air Conditioners, each ensuring a cool sanctuary within your walls.

Ducted vs. Ductless: Tailored to Your Preferences

Debating between the efficiency of a Ducted system or the adaptability of a Ductless setup? Let our Edmundston specialists assist you in finding the ideal match for your space.

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions: Beyond Just Equipment

Our commitment to HVAC in Edmundston extends beyond mere products. From your first interaction to the final installation, we prioritize your comfort and system's longevity.

A Commitment to Green and Sustainable Solutions

Our alliance with esteemed initiatives like Canada Greener Homes, OHPA, and NB Power Save Energy underscores our dedication to eco-friendly and energy-efficient HVAC solutions.

One-Stop Destination: From Sales to Service

At Ace Heat Pumps in Edmundston, we promise more than just transactions. From service to expert setup, we're with you at every step, ensuring unmatched HVAC performance.

Connect with the Best: Considering a HVAC transformation in Edmundston? Engage with Ace Heat Pumps and dive into a world of technological brilliance and expert guidance!

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