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Fredericton's Foremost Provider of Heat Pump, Mini Split, and Comprehensive HVAC Services

Introducing Ace Heat Pumps in Fredericton – your go-to source for a broad spectrum of heating and cooling solutions. Whether you're exploring Heat Pumps, Mini Splits, Air Conditioners, or weighing the benefits of Ducted against Ductless systems, our offerings in Fredericton have you covered. We pride ourselves on not just selling, but also expertly installing and servicing our top-notch products.

Mastering the Art of Heat Pumps & Mini Splits

Fredericton residents can now enjoy the pinnacle of heating and cooling with our innovative Heat Pumps and Mini Splits. Every system is designed for optimum climate control, ensuring your comfort throughout the year.

Cool Comfort with Premium Air Conditioners

Beat the Fredericton summer heat with our elite range of Air Conditioners, curated to deliver refreshing coolness when you need it the most.

Navigate the Ducted & Ductless Debate

Whether you're gravitating towards a Ducted approach or intrigued by Ductless options, our Fredericton team is on hand to steer you towards the perfect solution for your space.

All-Round HVAC Excellence

At Ace Heat Pumps, we believe in a holistic HVAC approach. From the moment of inquiry to the final installation, every step is geared towards maximizing your system's efficacy and lifespan.

Commitment to Sustainable Solutions

Our association with programs such as Canada Greener Homes, OHPA, and NB Power Save Energy emphasizes our dedication to greener, energy-conserving HVAC solutions.

The Full Spectrum: Service, Retail, & Installation

Fredericton's Ace Heat Pumps promises an end-to-end experience. From servicing and selling to expert installation, we ensure every touchpoint exudes excellence.

Engage with Us: If you're in Fredericton and pondering over the best HVAC choices for your environment, connect with us. Dive into a world where comfort meets cutting-edge technology!

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